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Villa Esker

On a sensitive plot characterised by its ice age remains, Sjöberg & Thermé asked us to design an energy sufficient house suitable for the generic household. Villa Esker will be the first constructed project of Note Design Studio within the field of architecture.

  • Project facts
  • Client: Sjöberg & Thermé
  • Location: Södertälje, Sweden
  • Year: Ongoing
  • Photograph: Note Design Studio

The steep and undulated terrain that the house will be sitting on, consists mostly of pebbles and boulders underneath a thin layer of soil, making it unfit for greater landscaping. Too much movement would risk a minor landslide, destroying the key characteristics of the plot and making it unsafe for the surrounding residents.

Elias Sjöberg — Carpenter/Founder, Sjöberg & Thermé

For this reason, we have decided to elevate the two level structure on stilts, for preventing larger impact on the landscape. The vertical timber beams will be running along the facade contributing largely to the overall expression of the main house, together with its complimentary structures that are climbing up the dramatic hillside.

The structure is establishing the principles for the residence at its origin, also being very pedagogical, revealing its construction and program.

The two volumes of the main house are offset from each other, following the typography and at the same time dividing the program into two different parts. An open living space on the upper floor looking over the treetops with the lower volume working as a large roof terrace. The lower floor includes private spaces, protected by the same trees growing densely along the property border.

We choosed working with Note to realize an idea of jointly designing and building a low energy house with creative ideas in terms of light, colours, form and movement. A collaboration between two companies that are committed to deliver on the highest level possible within their niche.

Philip Thermé — Carpenter/Founder, Sjöberg & Themré

As for material and colours, earthly tones with influences from the site environment has been chosen to make the house harmonize with its surroundings and feel natural in his position and stature.

The ground work started in March and the building is scheduled for completion in autumn 2017.