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The Lookout

The Lookout – an exploratory installation revealing the design potentials of flooring.

For Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018, Tarkett asked us at Note to reinterpret the classical fair stand and show the design potentials of flooring, creating an innovative and welcoming space to explore. With architectonic elements and a progressive color palette, the combination of materials, colors and shapes demonstrates a whole new world of flooring possibilities. The result is The Lookout, a personal installation showing new perspectives and uses for flooring materials.

  • Project facts
  • Client: Tarkett
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Year: 2018
  • Photograph: Staffan Sundström

In The Lookout at Stockholm Furniture Fair, the visitor is able to experience how floor materials can be used in new and unexpected ways. The combination of wood, vinyl, linoleum and textile creates new design expressions, revealing the strength and unique qualities of the materials. The complex color palette consists of saturated shades of dark grey, brick red and moss green; with fresh accents of coral apricot and white stained oak. The stringent design of The Lookout is based on iconic archi-structures. We  operated on two levels – one look catches the interest from afar, the other attracts the visitor from a close perspective.

One of the main structures is the black staircase leading up to the viewpoint – The Lookout. Here the visitor can observe the multitude of the fair below, have a different perspective of the booth and be inspired by the stunning mood boards created by us.

The brick red staircase has been designed as a seating area and invites the visitor to rest and exchange, and possibly to recharge the mobile phone. Both structures are made by iQ Megalit, a homogenous vinyl flooring used in public spaces all over the world. This installation allows the floor’s unique design with luminescent pearl 3D-effects to be displayed in a new and compelling fashion.

We wanted to show our materials in an innovative way, to let the visitor see our products with fresh eyes. That is why we asked Note Design Studio to create an installation with added perspective, bordering between interior and architecture. If we can make the visitor deliberately stop and take the time to reflect upon the various floor materials, then we have succeeded.

Kerstin Lagerlöf — Marketing Manager, Tarkett Sweden

The six meter tall main walls are made of the white stained wood floor Noble Oak Manhattan, a modern reinterpretation of the classic basket weave pattern. To break up the large wood surface is a wide vertical band made of curved iQ Megalit shaped over a sinus sheet metal, in a subtle contrasting shade of apricot. The wavy surface is made possible thanks to the great flexibility and easy installation properties of the vinyl

Note Design Studio has interpreted our wide product range in an innovative and creative way. They have made our floors a natural part of the Scandinavian context, with strong, progressive aesthetics.

Kerstin Lagerlöf — Marketing Manager, Tarkett Sweden

As an added dimension, most of the furniture in The Lookout is made out of flooring material. The advanced installation has been carried out by Tarkett’s technical team.