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The fascination for stairs

Staircases are highly functional and aesthetic elements in architecture, but they also carry a fascinating cultural symbolism and mythological reference as gateways tonew levels, adventures and even to heaven. The new series of art prints from Note combines color and form in a mesmerizing graphic study of stairs. – In an age of lifts andelevators, we still prefer these beautiful sets of stairs.

  • Project facts
  • Client: Paper Collective
  • Location: Copenhagen
  • Year: 2019
Symbolically the spiral staircase has represented many things throughout history. It has had significant meaning in art, religion, poetry, film and architecture.
For us the spiral staircase represents the journey of life. In order to reach your goals in life you need to keep on climbing the stairs. The view of what lies ahead is obscured and the outcome is uncertain. Just around the corner is your future. It’s right there, just another step.
This is what intrigues us with the work behind these posters of spirals stairs. You can observe the first tempting steps and the rest of the journeys is left for your imagination.
Kristoffer Fagerström — Product Designer / Partner