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Supersoft + Supersolid

  • Project facts
  • Client: Fogia
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Year: 2020
  • Photograph: Frida-My Sundqvist

Our studio have been collaborating with Fogia since 2015, and we have produced more than 12 product lines together. This close, long-lasting partnership has forged a trust and confidence between the two companies that has enabled them to embark upon playful and experimental projects – such as Supersoft and Supersolid.

Based on the observation on a trip to Italy that the sofas of southern Europe tend to be softer and cosier than their more ascetic Scandinavian cousins, We and Fogia set out to redress the balance with the Supersoft sofa – “perhaps the softest and cosiest north of the equator” – which pushes at the limits of how soft you can make a sofa without compromising on quality.

Drawing on Fogia’s expertise in upholstered furniture and spending an extended period working directly with craftspeople at the Fogia factory, Note designed a flexible, generous and comfortable sofa system with 20 modules, allowing it to be arranged in an almost limitless number of ways. Fabrics on each module can easily be removed for washing, which gives the system an expanded lifespan, and makes it as well suited to commercial settings as it is to private homes.

The yin to Supersoft’s yang, Supersolid is a companion range of visually striking accessories that stand in stark but appealing contrast to Supersoft. Sculpted in hard geometric shapes, the range includes adaptable pieces that are built for function but artistic in their expression, making them ideal for both home and office scenarios. Not restricted to a single function, Supersolid pieces are what you make them – table, bench, footrest or something else – and are now – literally – firm favourites in our office.