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Stockholm Design Week 2020

23/01/20 in

Preview and infos about our collaborations new and hold for the coming Stockholm Design Week and Stockholm Furniture Fair.

For the 2020 edition of Stockholm Design Week, we continues to push boundaries and ambitions, with a raft of new product launches (including its first outdoor sofa), exciting new client collaborations, more installation than ever before, and a major exhibition at Bukowskis auction house that is set to showcase the artistic side of the studio.

Ariake / Sake Tables

A fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese design approaches, the table comprises two distinct shapes – a rectangular box that serves as storage, edged by slightly convex battens that form the legs, lifting it just high enough above the ground to convey an impression of lightness and grace. On top, a circular tray with a delicate raised edge can be removed to provide access to the storage area beneath.

Location: The Archive , GamlaRiksarchivet Birger Jarls Torg 2A

Zilio Aldo & C / Candid Chair

 A new chair design, named Candid, for Zilio A&C. Available in stained ash, with an optional cushioned seat, the chair stems from Note’s unfulfilled search for a straightforward chair for its interiors projects. True to the studio’s ‘if we can’t find it, we design it’ approach, We created Candid to be a versatile, materially honest chair for numerous environments, from restaurants to the home.

Location: Stockholm Furniture Fair stand C05:20

Labofa / Mallow Lounge series

Our first collaboration with Danish brand Labofa represents an attempt to create an expressive, original and striking design for lounge furniture. The bold, progressive design for the armchair and sofa was – literally – sketched on the bank of a napkin on a train ride.

Location: Note design studio , Nytorgsgatan 23 Stockholm 

Fogia / Supersoft 

Note has been collaborating with Fogia since 2015, and they have produced more than 12 product lines together. This year, the studio has taken a distinctly playful approach. Based on the observation on a trip to Italy that the sofas of southern Europe tend to be softer and cosier than their more ascetic Scandinavian cousins, Note and Fogia set out to redress the balance with the Supersoft sofa – ‘perhaps the softest and cosiest north of the equator’ – which pushes at the limits of how soft you can go without compromising on quality.

Stocholm Furniture Fair stand C09:28,C09:30 & Fogia Market Finnboda Varvs väg 19A Nacka

Nola / Signum

Commissioned by Swedish outdoor furniture specialist Nola, Note’s first collaboration with the leading designer Gunilla Allard is Signum – a flexible, moveable, stackable outdoor sofa/bench with a metal frame and an oak seat.

Location: Stockholm Furniture Fair stand A11:19

Zero / Landscape

Landscape is an extracted aluminium light that, in response to the non-linearity of nature, sets out to transform environments that – like offices – are associated with straight lines and repetitive structures. Gently arched and seemingly invisibly suspended from the ceiling, the lamps introduces a soft, warm character to the room, encouraging people to raise their eyes and appreciate the oft-forgotten space above.


Stockholm Furniture Fair stand A03:10

Fogia / Supersolid 

Supersolid is a companion range of solid accessories that stand in stark but appealing contrast to Supersoft. Sculpted in hard geometric shapes, the range includes functional pieces such as benches and tables that are functional but artistic in expression.


Stocholm Furniture Fair stand C09:28,C09:30 & Fogia Market Finnboda Varvs väg 19A Nacka

Adjectives / 

A collaborative installation between Note, Vibia, Kvadrat and Mutina, hosted by Bukowskis. Experience a physical canvas created to highlight the continuous interaction between spaces, objects, materiality, light and colour. 

Location and time:

Opening party 4 February 18–21
Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm

Open viewing
4–8 February 2020
Tuesday to Friday 11–18, Saturday 11–16

Tarkett / Natural Bond 

The Natural Bond exhibition is meant to be a forum for change and is created to open up ideas and discussions that contribute to a sustainable, circular transition in society. Bonded by lashing straps, temporary objects visualize a future that is under construction. The materials within the exhibition are either recycled or will be recycled and put back into the never-ending loop, thus giving life after life. For Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020, Tarkett and Note Design Studio collaborate once again on an installation that explores these circular processes. 


Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, stand C11:31.