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Public art installation

27/09/18 in Upcoming
Waiting Windows for Nacka Kommun.
The new subway linking central Stockholm with the neighbouring Nacka municipality is one of the most eagerly anticipated, and biggest, investment projects in Sweden. While the project approaches its completion, Nacka Kommun (Nacka municipality) has commissioned a number of artists and creators to highlight and celebrate the new infrastructure through a series of public installations. Note is one of three creative collaborators in this initiative. 
Tasked with enriching the soon-to-be completed subway stop at Sickla, Note was given a relatively clean slate from which to work. The only stipulations being that it be located close to where the new station entrances will be placed, in this case in close proximity to Nacka Kommun’s City Hall and approximately 350 metres away, across a busy motorway and intersection, on a granite hillside.