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In 2015 We will design Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair’s hall for promising young designers. This time, we have chosen to focus on the product and the designer.

A visit to Greenhouse should be like stepping into a designer’s mind – a space for reflection and projection of dreams, a space where original ideas and prototypes can be experienced before they multiply and spread further. For the next Fair, which will take place from February 3-7, 2015, Greenhouse also has a new jury.

We have again looked into the basic concept of Greenhouse; last year, we focused on the social aspect – the meetings of exhibitors, press and manufacturers. This year, we will focus on the product and the designer. Greenhouse is indeed a hotbed where new talents will have the chance to show their projects to the industry for the first time. Many designers will showcase a unique item, a prototype or idea in the hope that it will be manufactured and distributed around the world.

In designing the exhibit, our studio has chosen to work with a closed, limited space in a way that makes it more spacious and turns it into a landscape, a universe of its own in the middle of the Victoria Hall. – We want to create a space that becomes a reflection of the visitors and exhibitors in Greenhouse, a place that embodies one of the principles of Greenhouse – the ability to reach out to a bigger world with one’s products and ideas.