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Natural Bond

  • Project facts
  • Client: Tarkett
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Year: 2020
  • Photograph: Jonas Lindström

The Natural Bond exhibition is intended to be a forum for change and is created to open up ideas and discussions that contribute to a sustainable, circular transition in society. Bonded by lashing straps, temporary objects in the installation symbolize a future that is under construction. The materials used are either recycled or will be recycled and put back into the never-ending circular loop. For Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020, Tarkett and our studio collaborate once again on an installation that explores these circular processes. 

 In society, the most compelling architecture is based on sustainable, functional and aesthetical values, linked together into the circular economy. Sustainability and long-lasting products are core parts of Tarkett’s culture with the ambition to become a fully circular company, where waste is used as resources. The materials within the exhibition are either recycled, or will be recycled or reused, giving life after life. Much of the material will return to Tarkett’s facilities in southern Sweden where it will be ground down, bonded again and turned into flooring of exactly the same quality. Other elements will become parts of other installations throughout 2020 and 2021.

Visually, the Natural Bond forum flows through the space in which it inhabits, bonded endlessly as a metaphor for how we should seek to design now and in the future. Inspired by the temporary yet continuous life of elements, the lashing strap, bonding objects together, is used as a symbol to illustrate the notion that our future is under construction and that the present is temporary. The particular phase of renewal, which has given the exhibition concept its source of inspiration, is the point at which the raw materials are bonded together into something new after recycling – the Natural Bond

 The Natural Bond exhibition, with its archetypes inspired by the ancient agoras, is meant to be a forum for the exchange of ideas and important talks about a sustainable future. A meeting place for those who believe that circular transition and a reduced climate footprint is a collective effort. True collaboration, creating bonds between organizations, people, and initiatives, is the basis for the transformation from the current linear system to a new circular economy; embracing not only recycling but all the different parts in the take-make-waste system. How we manage resources, how we make and use products, and what we do with the materials afterwards.