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Napa Collection

  • Project facts
  • Client: Ogeborg
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Year: 2019
  • Photograph: Staffan Sundström

Napa Collection is inspired by California’s Napa Valley Wine Country and explores the same expression that is created in farmland where ploughs run through deep soil and high crops shaping beautiful patterns when seen from the sky. 

The Napa Collection is the result of an exploration in different ways to showcase and use a rug and it allows even the walls of a space to be filled with tactility, rather than only the floor. 


We at Note have created an exclusive collection of rugs with bold expressions that each stand out as pieces of art and the combination of round edges and straight lines makes it an easy to place solitaire.

A three dimensional effect was created by using two different lengths and the combination of high quality botanical silk and wool gives Napa Collection a dramatic contrast and structure of shiny and matte finishes.