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Mono apartments

Mono by and for Glommen & Lindberg is a housing concept situated at the centre of the designer-dense south-central Stockholm district of Södermalm. Mono stands out, in Sweden as a whole and in Södermalm, not only in terms of design and atmosphere, but also in the way it was conceived.

  • Project facts
  • Client: Glommen & Lindberg
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Year: 2018
  • Photograph: Henrik Nero

Mono is situated in a part of Södermalm that is still relatively unknown, but that is now becoming populated with young designers, entrepreneurs and architects. It is also an integral part of a lively cityscape that offers a great many functions and content such as offices, services and housing. The type of cityscape that urban planners and architects are striving to create in other parts of town is very much in existence here right now.

We have been commissioned by the construction company Glommen & Lindberg have to design an entirely unique interior architecture for a select block of flats that makes the most of the space available in this listed part of Södermalm.

Our aim is to create rooms that signal a certain emotion as you enter. We have to deliver the absolute best and we want to create something that has never been seen in Sweden before when it comes to this kind of project.

Daniel Heckscher — Interior Architect / Partner

Mono has a more continental than a Scandinavian feel to it. Site-specific solutions and a distinct style are more important than passing trends and Swedish standard solutions. All features and solutions are tailor-made – the choice of wood as well as everything down to each individual door handle has been selected to suit its purpose.

We are highly conscious of the fact that unique solutions and well-integrated interiors are sustainable in the long term. It is a conviction that informs the firm’s interior and design solutions. Each room features unique solutions with references to design classics.

At its best, our philosophy means that we design homes where the first thing new owners don’t want to do is to rip out the kitchen and bathroom. What we do today must be just as valid and attractive in the future.

Sanna Wåhlin — Interior Architect / Partner