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Amid the magical Bergslagen is Loka Brunn. As long as a thousand years ago people came to Loka Brunn to drink the fresh and clean water, which, according to legend, gave strength and power. Maybe it’s a myth, maybe not. What is true however is that every little drop Loka comes from Loka Brunn.

Since 2007, Loka Brunn is owned and operated by the family Spendrup who asked us to spatially connect the success story of LOKA water with it’s origin spring in central Sweden.

  • Project facts
  • Client: Loka Brunn
  • Location: Grythyttan, Sweden
  • Year: 2012
  • Photograph: Jason Strong

We have created an evocative experience at Loka Brunn around the origin spring and offers an unexpected, intimate and tranquil experience for visitors and guests. Under the slogan “water in the center”, inspired by the surrounding nature’s colors and tactility we have used materials like ash, shale and handloomed textiles and mixed it with the latest audio technology to create an holistic audiovisual experience. Welcome to “Lokasalongen”.