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Landscape modular lamp

  • Project facts
  • Client: Zero
  • Year: 2020

Light, and its power to transform the environment around it, is a prevailing interest for us at Note, and one of the most influential tools when designing space. Consequently, the long-standing relationship with office lighting brand Zero is hugely important to our studio, and we are delighted to a new range aluminium lamps.


Landscape is an extruded aluminium light that, in response to the non-linearity of nature, sets out to transform environments that – like offices – are associated with straight lines and repetitive structures.

Our design for the fixture is gently arched, which serves to introduce spatial interest not only to the room in general but also to the ceiling. Seemingly invisibly suspended from the ceiling, the lamp introduces a soft, warm character to a room, encouraging people to raise their eyes and appreciate the oft-forgotten space above.  


The biggest challenge of the design was incorporating all the technical features necessary for a workplace pendant into a such a slender frame.

After extensive prototyping, we and Zero developed the final design in aluminium – both lightweight for ease of installation and entirely recyclable. Moulded joints at each end are a pleasing aesthetic detail that enable multiple pendants to be connected. Although each pendant can be used to striking effect on its own, they can also be hung in combination, creating a continuous silhouette reminiscent of the mountain vistas that first inspired the design.