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The Korean brand Logom Bath asked us to create a collection of  bathroom cabinets and accessories for the asian market, where the bathroom ranges available are today very formal and similar to each others.

They tasked us to change that feeling by creating something that helped the room to feel more emotional and comfortable.

When we received the project request we decided to create a smart, easy to use bathroom setup for the design interested Korean public. With small details as the combination of materials, the smooth colors and the little design twist on the handles we believe that  we can put a little smile on the face of the user every morning.

Our  approach  in the design is  towards  simple,  minimalist  expression with a clear, no fuzz  form  language. In both the Scandinavian  and  Asian cultures there is an appreciation of purity  and  simplicity  in  design which we wanted to work with.

There is a mix of materials with glass, metal, ceramics, natural ash and plastic composite. All materials has its own function and use in forms water resistans, tactility and aesthetics.

The Note collection includes bathroom cabinets, toilet roll holders, towel rails hooks and lamps, is part of Korean brand Lagom Bath’s first release.

Styling by Lotta Agatom and photos by Ragnar Ómarsson