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Kyoto Mini Architecture

20/06/18 in Zilenzio

We at Note refers to Kyoto for Zilenzio as an architectural microcosm, an open constellation of interior architecture. Our interior spaces are ever changing, this we know. Less permanent divides and ‘blocking off’ of functional space that serve one purpose alone and more modularity. Kyoto is created as a solution which provides the insulatory function of a closed physical space, with none of permanence.


As it’s name suggests, Kyoto’s inspiration comes from the land of quiet contemplation, particularly the beauty of its tearooms. In these special places, the construction of the architecture and clarity of line and form are gently harmonious. Nothing is superfluous, everything serves a clear function without getting in the way of personal interaction. Heavy on function, Note has worked Kyoto into a modular system that is blissfully simple to use and set up. magnets keep things together so that a well-insulated space can be erected in seconds.

Kyoto’s partitions for swedish brand Zilenzio are available in three frame sizes, with two floor drop heights and three widths. Frames are in ash.