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Haven x Note

The bathroom is a sanctuary, or should be.

  • Project facts
  • Client: Haven
  • Location: Sweden
  • Year: 2019

It’s the one room of the house dedicated to wellbeing, cleansing and rejuvenation, and where we store all the tools and products associated with our grooming and wellness rituals. The feel of the room should, naturally, be quiet, orderly and calm.

This was the starting point for Note Design Studio’s recent collaboration with Swedish bathroom design company Haven. Tasked with developing a fully configurable storage system of bathroom cabinets and drawers that could be equally effective in other rooms of the house, the Stockholm-based studio has created a series of handled trays and boxes intended to be highly functional, serene in colour and profoundly aesthetic in form.

Drawing on real-life research coupled with personal day-to-day experience, the Note team designed the new system to reflect the variety of ways in which individuals, families and other types of households use the bathroom space on a daily basis. The resultant trays and boxes come in a variety of different shapes and dimensions, allowing them to be configured according to both the size of the cabinet and its intended contents.

Their simple forms pay homage to the clean-lined minimalism of the Japanese and Scandinavian design traditions, complemented by a colour palette of soft, organic shades – from slate to coral – that have been chosen to complement bathroom lighting and induce a feeling of calm.

Also organic are the materials. Although plastic-like in appearance and durability, each tray and box is formed from a sustainable composite based on maize starch and reinforced with bamboo fibre. Therefore, they can be fully disposed of in an industrial compost, guilt-free at the end of their lifespan.

Although designed for the bathroom, Note’s new storage system for Haven is flexible enough to be used in any room – as suited to cutlery and stationery as it is to bath and beauty products.