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Elevated Eco

Vestre has a really progressive sustainability idea which we also wanted to show in their stand – but in a subtle and honest way not to green-wash or brag about the work being done in the production of their furniture.

  • Project facts
  • Client: Vestre
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Year: 2020
  • Photograph: Jesper Mellgren

Vestre measure the carbon footprint for each product and calculated for the minimum lifespan of 30 years.

These numbers shows the insights that Vestre has and it was important to integrate those in the stand right next to the normal information like the name of the product, the designer etc that you are used to see. We think this should be a new standard for the industry in general.

The focus when designing the stand was set on the fact that the installation only will be up for a few days and then taken down. We created a concept based on raw, natural materials that have no finishes added and are mounted without glue, screws or mortar that affects the original quality of the materials.

This makes the stand possible to dismount and the materials ready to reuse, sell or even bring back to the producer for them to sell again once the fair is over. In total the amount of material that is completely untouched are estimated to be 90-95% with a maximum 5% waste. In many other stands the numbers would be the opposite with waste majority of the installation going directly into the trash.

We are also right now sketching on a small building that can be made out of the materials (porotherm blocks, plywood, stone, and polycarbonate plastic sheets) once they are done doing the work as fair stand material. Depending on how the porotherm blocks are placed it allows for a 15-25 sqm house with a polycarbonate plastic roof making it suitable as a small green house or orangery in the future.

We see a need of change of perspective when it comes to these temporary installations being built at fairs, there are so much waste created for just one week of exhibition, and this project is one of our ways of rethinking the whole concept of designing a fair stand.

Johannes Carlström — Interior Architect / Founder