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Sake tables

25 February, 2020

Inspired by Masu cups used when drinking sake, this pair of coffee and side tables has a removable lid which reveals a space for storage. Practical and poetic, the piece is useful in home, office and hospitality…

Sigill bench

25 February, 2020

a collaboration with Gunilla Allard


20 February, 2020

A collaborative installation between our studio, Bukowskis, Kvadrat, Mutina and Vibia.


13 September, 2019

Haven x Note The bathroom is a sanctuary, or should be.

Maze Carpets

11 March, 2019

We started the creative process with a three dimensional puzzle, where one can build sculptures in non-directional ways. The carpet design has no up or down, no left or right, nor any sense of direction. Just an…

Focus Podseat

14 February, 2019

Our latest addition to the Focus family.New sitting furniture with high arched back from Note. Among the news in the Zilenzio collection for the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019 is Focus Podseat by our studio.

The fascination for stairs

12 February, 2019

Staircases are highly functional and aesthetic elements in architecture, but they also carry a fascinating cultural symbolism and mythological reference as gateways tonew levels, adventures and even to heaven. The new series of art prints from Note…

Persimon Lamp Series

12 February, 2019

Pop it on your table, or position it on the floor, Persimon by us really shines. Collectively we decided on two sizes to fit in with the previously launched ceiling-hung versions. One is compact, the other nice…


12 February, 2019

The series of ceramic forms designed by our studio and released last year gets a few new additions in three sizes and four new colours—each glossy. As if choosing combinations weren’t already hard enough… Use them as…

Järn x Skeppshult

21 September, 2018

After almost two years of fine tuning we finally released the Järn collection, designed by us for the historical and fantastic Swedish brand Skeppshult. The name of this collection is Järn. A hexadecagon shaped serie for the modern way…

Arkad collection

21 September, 2018

The Arkad family is inspired by aesthetics from the world of architecture. We explored different shapes which draw upon the characteristics within architecture and tried them out in smaller scales. We found a shape that we liked…


16 February, 2018

Big things stand strong as they say. Strong and timeless in the case of grande, Note’s new table.

Upp… a serie of ceramics

16 February, 2018

Upp serie of ceramics designed by our studio is another Fogia piece that falls between genres. Like Andreas Engesvik’s Bowl before it, Upp could be a pedestal, stand, or tray but it’s also equally happy being used decoratively when…


13 February, 2018

The brief given to us at Note was to create Fogia’s first lamp collection. Persimon has a bold expression and a result of a study in materiality and grace.

Mist watch for Nomad (Uk)

5 February, 2018

Designed by us for Nomad watches the harmonious Mist watch has been created to blend with its wearer rather than being the sharpest point. An entity rather than an object. Crafted from stainless steel the watch features domed…

Wallpaper* Design Awards 2018

15 January, 2018

We are honored, humbled and very happy to have received a double win in the prestigious Wallpaper* magazine design Awards 2018. 

New chair serie for Design Within Reach

12 January, 2018

A short story about our first project for Design Within Reach (DWR) “We studied a lot of different chairs, mainly to find the most comfortable angles and measurements, learning from the masters,” Fagerström says. “We changed every…

Campfire series for Mitab

11 September, 2017

Campfire is a collection of sophisticated, surprisingly simple furniture catering for the modern nomadic work environment. Comprising six pieces,pieces – two benches, a large circular bench, a low table, a screen and an occasional table – the…

No-No Table

14 August, 2017

No-No is characterised by lightness. The elegant and slim legs provide the full support for the solid glass tabletop that beautifully reflects its surroundings. The modern materials emphasize the clean and stylish aesthetics. And the simplistic yet eye-catching design makes No-No…

POV Circle

14 August, 2017

POV Circular Candleholder is a light, smart and playful design. Beautiful on its own and stunning as graphical patterns on the wall. In the movies the Point Of View is right where the camera is aiming.

Two & Four Sideboard

5 June, 2017

Contemporary style meets traditional elegance. The Two & Four sideboard has a decadent look with a simple appearance.

Weave, for Kaza Concrete

19 May, 2017

KAZA introduces another distinctly original concrete tile series to the company’s product line, this time designed by us. The ’Weave’ tile series consist of three individual styles, in two different sizes: ’Maldives’, ’Kalahari’ and a flat piece. The…

La Isla for Sancal

4 April, 2017

An enticing destination in a sea of nothingness…….As we travel more, we continually find ourselves in transit areas – vast seas of inhospitable and unwelcoming space that Marc Augué has dubbed “non-places”.

Musa collection for Vibia

26 March, 2017

“The very same design process provided us with much inspiration, hence its name, Musa.” Created by us at Note Design Studio, Musa is a lamp of organic qualities that attracts the eye due to its lighting function….

Palette rugs for Ogeborg

20 February, 2017

Together with Ogeborg, our studio has created a collection of four hand tufted rugs. We at Note are constantly fascinated by how exciting it is to create palettes with tones that together become dynamic.

Figurine family

14 February, 2017

Our latest collection for Swedish brand Fogia is intentionally “not eye-catching” and foregoes any additional details and adornments.  


12 September, 2016

Focus is a new, more intimate product within Zilenzio’s collection. “Focus” is a new, more intimate product series within Zilenzio´s collection. From our experience as designer and nomader, working from hotel & Café we often get the…

Tonella Sofa

9 August, 2016

Sancal started out manufacturing classic, French-style chairs. Four decades on, they decided to revisit their origins borrowing from the past — through Tonella.

Archetto for Fogia

16 April, 2016

Archetto is a smaller sibling to the Arch series. A wall mounted shelf that offers a generous surface for your most precious items.

Koster blankets

24 February, 2016

The blanket Koster is named after a rainy island on the west coast of Sweden and the colour palette takes its tones from the moment when the rain and sun appear at the same time; when the…


24 February, 2016

Melt candle holder series offers a material-intense experience. You can really feel the weight and craftsmanship in the holder. The glass is heated to above thousand degrees Celsius and, in heated state, poured over a structured surface with…


24 February, 2016

The Mango lounge chair for Won (DK) breathes contemporary life into a classic silhouette.    

Tabula Tables

24 February, 2016

Material intensity meets simple lines in the series of tables we call Tabula.        

Designer of the Year Exhibition

18 February, 2016

Every year Residence Magazine awards the Designer of the Year prize to a designer or studio that propels the Swedish design scene forward. In 2015 this prize went to Note Design Studio. The exhibition is presented at…

Figurine chair

17 February, 2016

A harmonious character with a welcoming charm, is how We would describe Figurine if it were a person.

Arch bookshelf

16 February, 2016

Arch is one of five new products designed by us for Fogia for the 2016 Stockholm Furniture Fair. When we got the brief we had an idea of making a bookshelf as important as any other furniture in…

Nebra Candleholder

10 December, 2015

In our first collaboration with the Swedish chain Indiska, a brand with over 90 stores across Scandinavia, we were challenged to create a candle holder that works as a traditional advent candlestick but also remains relevant after…


8 December, 2015

Whatever is special to you right now at this very moment – a photograph, or a leaf picked on an autumn walk – put it on display in Shrine. With Shrine we had an idea of creating an object…

Nepal Projects

3 September, 2015

Note have teamed up with Danish design brand Menu and 3 other pioneering design studios in Copenhagen and Stockholm, to head the design process of an on-going development project in Nepal. The 4 design studios – Norm…

Zorro Table

8 June, 2015

For the French editeur de design La Chance we created a new series of tables named Zorro, inspired by the character created by pulp writer Johnston McCulley and especially his distinctive mark – the Z made with…


5 June, 2015

Sancal started out manufacturing classic, French-style chairs. Four decades on, we have decided to revisit our origins and borrow from the past. Our studio was selected to give the project a fresh, innovative angle.  

The Swimmers

20 March, 2015

Every body of water is connected to every other by the physical processes of evaporation, condensation and rain fall. The mass of water on Earth remains constant but moves between the major bodies of ice, fresh water,…

Elements lamp series

2 February, 2015

Elements is a complete family of lamps originating from our fascination for the Nordic mountains and its light. When we started the process designing this new serie our thoughts went directly to the relation we have with…

No-No tables

2 February, 2015

No-No tables are a result of the meeting between two Scandinavian design studios and an old italian floor. During a visit in Milan, Kristoffer Fagerström stumbled upon the most fantastic old and patinized marble floor. “The tilting…


2 February, 2015

Pur is a wooden chair designed to have a universal appeal, suitable for a variety of situations yet still with a strong personality. The chair is something we use in our everyday life. We often take it…


2 February, 2015

This is our second project for the classic Swedish brand Fogia. After last year’s design of the Rise sofa we were asked to draw a lounge chair. It should have high comfort but still be smaller than…


2 February, 2015

Shell stool has the clean lines and innovative combination of materials that are the signature features of Scandinavian design. Like a chair, Shell has a back and front, with a hint of an upward slope at the rear…

Point of View

23 September, 2014

POV – 360 different candleholders in one. The name POV is short for ”Point of View”. In the movies the POV is right where the camera is aiming. The eye of the viewer. And depending on that…


10 July, 2014

Pendant lamp for E-xt. Inspired by traditional Italian craftsmanship and mixed with Nordic simplicity, Fuse is a lamp in which the tactility of the materials plays an essential role. The result is a soft porcelain pendant lamp…


30 June, 2014

SAM – a shortening of “samarbete”, which means “collaboration” in Swedish. Is a brand new range of versatile tables from Fogia, designed in collaboration with Andreas Engesvik (NO) and Stefan Borselius (SE) The tables are visually light…

MCE Lamps

8 April, 2014

The design of the wooden frame was inspired by the mathematical illustrations and optical illusions by M.C.Escher, Oscar Reuterswärd and their likes, hence the name MCE Lamp. Of course this ”impossible” frame is nothing but possible and…


8 April, 2014

Innovative, versatile and “new-sophisticated”. Joining aesthetics and functionality, this piece enables you to have your favourite garments on hand at all times. Platel aims to maximize the space of the house in a original way. The platel…


10 February, 2014

A limited edition collection of linen in cooperation between Växbo Lin and Note Design Studio. Åkerlapp is inspired by the farming society´s habit to make do and mend. Note created an opportunity for the classic and premium quality…


10 February, 2014

A small, iconic fixture inspired by the classical silhouette of a grain silo. This shape was refined during the design phase to finally become SILO – a minimalistic pendant with a distinct industrial character. SILO, with its…


5 February, 2014

A lamp series with a heritage. Crop is inspired by an earlier, now expired lamp model from Örsjö early years. In a dark corner in one of Örsjös workshops, an old lamp shade was found. The classic…


5 February, 2014

Area is a series of smaller tables that accompany Fogias other products well. Consisting of two sizes and a rich, subtle color scheme, the tables can be combined together to fine compositions of round shapes overlapping each…


5 February, 2014

Rise is a classic, elegant sofa with a strong individual expression. It carries the Scandinavian identity through its distinct base in wood, where the soft upholstered shape rests on top, with a characteristic tension in its high…


5 July, 2013

For the launch of the Danish company Paper Collective first collection we have created a serie of posters under the name BEETLE. The Beetle posters are characterized by overprinted colours and slight color field mismatches to emphasize…


7 April, 2013

With inspiration from the iconic Uten.Silo by Dorothee Becker for Vitra, Suburbia is a new interpretation of this functional wall storage. We added a playful and architectonic touch to the product, by creating a small neighborhood in which…


9 February, 2013

Step is a generous ceramic bathroom basin with a unique feature of two levels inside the sink. The upper level with a removable wooden decking creates a tactile drying surface and storage area for bathroom accessories. With…


6 February, 2013

Dezibel is a floor placed sound absorber for Swedish producer ZilenZio. They are well known for not compromising with the sound absorbing qualities of their screens, and this is visible in the thickness of the screens of…


9 January, 2013

With an unadorned exterior our studio has created Vinge, a table lamp with a movable wing that encourages interaction. The function of dimming the light is moved to the wing – which can be rotated 180° around…


9 January, 2013

Bicycle stands are a staple of the city landscape. Their functional shapes are easy to distinguish, and the lateral line-ups they form in urban centres are hard to miss. With this in mind, Note set out to…


3 September, 2012

This is Boet (meaning Nest in swedish), a stool inspired by the birds´home among the trees. Elevated, protected, carried by a strong tree, you find the soft, rounded shape of the nest. Materials with different functions creates…


3 September, 2012

An original ”Tellurion” is a mechanical representation of the Earth-Moon-Sun system that reproduces the relative movement of the three bodies. The model visualizes the causes of night and day, solar and lunar eclipses and the phases of…


17 April, 2012

Ambitious new french producers La Chance presents Bolt as part of their premiere collection Jekyll & Hyde. Bolt is a stool with a simple construction: four cylinders of solid wood are held together by a metal ring. The…


14 March, 2012

Ambitious new french producers La Chance presents Tembo as part of their premiere collection Jekyll & Hyde. Tembo is a stool made of stacked pieces of wood, metal and cork. This “modern totem” has a playful and…


6 March, 2012

Toulouse 1859 – a young daredevil soars through the air on a wooden pole attached to two long ropes above his father’s swimming pool. The wayward hobby premiered that year at Cirque Napoleon in Paris and was…