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Vibia´s world of colour and materiality.

  • Project facts
  • Client: Vibia
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Year: 2019
  • Photograph: Note

Chromatica from Vibia is an inspirational tool for the design and architecture professional.

Chromatica takes in 23 curated colours chosen for their suitability in today’s architectural and design landscape.
Vibia’s Chromatica colour scale is based on working knowledge of architectural building materials and the ways they unite to create captivating spaces. Each hue grouping in the colour scale references these materials and they ways we use and combine them today to bring a project to life.

From vivid accents, to tonal base colours and measured middle strength hues, the collection is meant as a visual trigger for future environments. For a designer or architect, light, colour and material play a leading role in the creation of iconic spaces. Chromatica is a system of colours that reflects the ambition of today’s architects to make timeless visual impressions.

Created as an extension of Vibia’s Chromatica colour palette, Zoom In Zoom Out is a conceptualised inspiration resource for the design and architecture professional. Whether a designer or architect takes a single image, a handful, or considers the 24-image series in its entirety, it’s a potent inspiration deck. Each composition takes three colours from Chromatica, and a lamp from Vibia’s collection and blends the elements together in a landscape that’s part real, part artificial. Each image is an active creative moodboard of its own, which can be combined with others from the series.

“A designer or architect can draw a wealth of inspiration from each viewpoint. And, given that Chromatica’s 23 colours are selected to be perfectly compatible with today’s modern architectural materials, it makes perfect sense to show these combinations in a built landscape,”

Sanna Wåhlin — Interior Architect / Partner