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Candid chair

  • Project facts
  • Client: Zilio A&C
  • Location: Italy
  • Year: 2020
  • Photograph: Kristoffer Fagerström

Designed by our studio for Zilio A&C, Candid is a dining chair in stained ash. Elegant in its straightforward form and honest materiality, the chair has a strong and clear silhouette, making the most of its modest dimensions to achieve a considerable visual impact. Its trapezoidal legs are angled towards the centre of the seat, ensuring that its appearance shifts with the angle from which it is viewed.


Despite its hard-edged, almost cubist, expression, the chair is profoundly relaxing to sit on (and can also be supplied with an upholstered seat), and is designed to be used for prolonged periods, such as lengthy dinners, with no compromise on comfort.


We created Candid to be a versatile, materially honest chair that would work equally well in various environments – from restaurants to domestic dining rooms.

Working closely with Zilio, we at Note went through a process of hand sketching, then prototyping, moving from paper modelling to 3D printing, before Zilio began creating wooden prototypes to test the dimensions and construction process. Aided by Zilio’s craftsmanship and expertise, we were able to make the chair’s dimensions extremely compact, maximising space efficiency while ensure Candid’s robustness and longevity. As a result, Candid introduces a new dimension to Zilio’s design language, while showcasing the manufacturer’s remarkable craftsmanship.