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Campfire series for Mitab

Campfire is a collection of sophisticated, surprisingly simple furniture catering for the modern nomadic work environment. Comprising six pieces,pieces – two benches, a large circular bench, a low table, a screen and an occasional table – the range is inspired by the designers’ emotional response to the concept of a Campfire: an inviting, warm, informal place where people come together and share.


  • Project facts
  • Client: Mitab
  • Location: Sweden
  • Year: 2017
  • Photograph: Mitab

Consisting of a small bench, a longer angled bench, a large circular bench, a low table, a screen and an occasional table, the collection is characterised by a geometric simplicity and elegant, slender form complimented by a muted yet bold palette. This uncomplicated but strong aesthetic is inspired by naive illustrations of furniture, but still there is surprise and delight. The benches have a flexible, stretched-fabric seating structure giving an unexpectedly soft, comfortable seat in contrast to the slim, defined appearance.

“I started thinking that technology actually moves forward so fast. 10, 15 years ago we were all hooked up to a specific working desk; you needed electrical power and also the connection to internet and so on. And now you don’t need that. People work in the coffee shop, at home, in the park, they work everywhere. That led me on to thinking this is more or less going back in time to the hunters and the nomads. They all end up meeting at this fireplace in the night; the Campfire.”

Marcus Torstensson, Design Manager, Mitab

“When we discussed the project it was more of an emotional way of talking about it. You cant actually put a finger on it, what it is. Its just a feeling of being safe or feeling that you have contact with everyone.”

Kristoffer Fagerström — Product Designer / Partner

Campfire series was launched last week during the annual Designers Saturday Oslo