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Arkad collection

The Arkad family is inspired by aesthetics from the world of architecture. We explored different shapes which draw upon the characteristics within architecture and tried them out in smaller scales. We found a shape that we liked when transforming the empty space within an arch into a positive form. When putting several positive arches in a row they create an “arcade”, that translates to the product name “Arkad” in Swedish. The arches have a familiar and uncomplicated shape, but together they create a rhythm which brings a dynamic to the product.


  • Project facts
  • Client: Zilio Aldo
  • Location: Venice
  • Year: 2018
  • Photograph: Zilio

The poufs clear expression, together with their petite size, makes them perfect for retail, lounge and residential environments. The collection consists of three different shape variations. They can be used separately or be combined into bigger combinations – and in this way change the expression and function to fit the space they are in.