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A collaborative installation between our studio, Bukowskis, Kvadrat, Mutina and Vibia.

  • Project facts
  • Client: Bukowskis, Kvadrat, Mutina, Vibia
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Year: 2020
  • Photograph: Lars Gustafsson

Experience a physical canvas created to highlight the continuous interaction between spaces, objects, materiality, light and colour.

The Adjectives exhibition began as a discussion between Note Design Studio and the Stockholm based auction house, Bukowskis. How might it appear if Note were to design a physical canvas to its art pieces, to bring a different perspective and perception to the curation of items from its archive? In which ways could the well-known design studio use their design language to inject a new discourse into that used normally to describe art.

An adjective describes or modifies a noun or pronoun in a sentence. It often indicates quality, size, shape, duration, feelings, contents, and plays a significant role in the gramma we at Note uses in our work. This is the reasoning behind this installation, try to transmit these feelings through space and objects.

When thinking about Adjectives as an exhibition, it felt natural to Note to find the right partners for the project. In Note’s world, in their everyday work, they are in close contact with Kvadrat, Vibia and Mutina – all of them possessing the capacity to generate the adjectives used when we consider design, space and objects.

Being innovative, sustainable and contemporary, with a great focus on aesthetics, these companies believe in creativity and collaboration, having a clear vision. But they can also be delicate and strong at the same time with a level of elegance, and of course taking their viewpoints down to an intimate scale, touching and affecting individuals with all these adjectives.

Cristiano Pigazzini — Design Manager / Founder

With this installation, we have challenged ourselves to use this institution, its spaces, and everything within them, to visualise adjectives.

Our goal is to succeed in making the public ‘live’ the different rooms and generate different feelings without the need for clarifying words. Textile and ceramics, light and shadows, object and empty voids – all of this can hopefully be a mechanism to generate our favourites adjectives and hopefully make them yours too

Sanna Wåhlin — Interior Architect / Partner

Bukowskis is dedicated to be a part and contribute to a creative and accessible design scene. We see the collaboration with Note Design Studio as an inspiring event where Notes aesthetics give Bukowskis objects a new context. The Adjectives exhibition builds new bridges between vintage objects and our contemporary design scene. The interest and demand for modern and contemporary design has never been greater, which is why we prioritize drawing attention to Design Week through collaborations with creative design players like Note.

Jonathan Jahn Specialist 20th-21st Century Design and Works of Art.