Studio Work 2012

Marginal Notes #2

The Excursion

We went deep into the forest to explore, measure and collect. With warm clothes, good shoes and woolen caps to protect us, we collected samples and took notes. Butterfly nets and soil sifters worked hard to catch the tiniest living things. With tents, mosquito screens, and some logs to sit on we set up a base camp for the night. After a long expedition, we now had plenty to look through back home.
For the second year (over a cup of coffee) we examined our notebooks in search of the ideas in the margin, to find material for the Marginal Notes 2012 collection. Many seemed to have a common theme that we simply called “Base Camp”; the simplistic materials and shapes of scientific field expedition tools adapted to stand wear and tear. Other ideas connected more to the culture of exploration.¬†After intense discussions, a few eventually left the paper and materialized into the physical world. Just like last year, we ended up with a diverse collection of colours, shapes, materials and expressions; just the way we like it.

Photo: Mathias Nero