Studio Work 2010

Boop Monochrome


The Boop Sofa, at first a part of our Marginal Notes collection, has been further developed and is back in a new, sophisticated guise. This time the Boop-family is part of small monochrome color spaces, and has therefore been dressed in monochrome suits, which only reinforces the playful shapes and curved lines. The legs and upholstery are color synchronized with large round rugs and tables, as islands of color in a large landscape.
In this interior Boop takes place on stage in the middle of the room for full beholding. Boop shows a clean and straightforward back with flowing lines, while the front shows Boop’s true personality, with a playful interaction between the big buttons, swelling pillows and neat armrests.
Wonderful, imperfect and like no one else; Boop is a real character.

Photo: Mathias Nero