Musa series, delicate elegance

11/04/17 in Launching

We have created the MUSA collection of lamps for spanish brand Vibia that explores the delicacy of nature which is both strong and powerful, in a poetic expression of light.

The objects belonging to the collection generate an ingenious interaction between the gentle illumination emitted by the shade made of hand blown opal glass and the indirect surround lighting reflected off adjacent surfaces. Ying and yang, surface and   depth within the same light fitting that provides a warm and general ambient light.

All the versions of the collection play with the juxtaposition between expressions of heavy and light, delicate and substantial. The MUSA  collection includes wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps: the wall, table or solid base of the floor provide a contrasting counter-weight that anchors the comfortable illumination provided by these light fittings.

MUSA  is available in three warm mono-colour finishes; cream, sand and mink. Like the artists’ muse this collection will draw you in with its warmth, elegance and delicacy.