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Shortly after startup, Keybroker was a company in rapid expansion competing on a newly awake market with search engine optimization.

A large part of our work focused on finding effective structures for office space where the different teams constantly changed and evolved. We created a complete solution for the workstations and a number of meeting rooms with soft furnishings, conference rooms with specially designed tables and a large lounge in the open entrance where the whole company gathered. But most striking was the open sales department with realtime updates on big screens announcing deals being sealed and sales numbers constantly outdoing eachother.

  • Project facts
  • Client: Keybroker
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Year: 2010
  • Photograph: Mathias Nero

Design gestures

Combining the heavy and exclusive American walnut wood panels and Kasthall wool carpets with an updated color scheme interacting with the Keybroker design guides, we created a modern, cost efficient office for an ever changing company.