IQ Surface a new collection

A chance meeting of minds, a durable industrial material, five beautiful colour stories…. this is Tarkett vinyl flooring seen from a fresh and innovative design perspective. 

  • Project facts
  • Client: Tarkett
  • Location: Rönneby
  • Year: 2019
  • Photograph: Staffan Sundström

The new collection iQ Surface is the result of a collaboration between Tarkett and our studio.   A range with equal weighting to function, form and expression of colour, Note worked with Tarkett together to develop this new collection. It reveals the creative scope of Tarkett’s homogeneous vinyl flooring for a new generation of design applications on multiple surfaces including walls and furniture as well as floors.  The result: a collection in which hue, tone and material are pitched squarely towards design and architecture. 

iQ Surface is the creative destination of a 50-year journey by a material loved and used by millions. Tarkett has been innovating the use of homogeneous vinyl since 1947, from its beginnings as flooring to where it is today—a highly creative design tool with strong environmental credentials. In collaborating with Note Design Studio, Tarkett had met their match. The missing piece in a decades old puzzle, the Swedish-based studio recognised homogeneous vinyl’s creative qualities, pitting it alongside other noble materials. Honest, durable, adaptable and above all, a storyteller. An unsung industrial hero, homogeneous vinyl is technically advanced, flexible, sustainable and incredibly easy to clean & maintain – 100% fit for purpose for the most prestigious and daring of architectural projects. Working together, they honed its creative potential to create iQ Surface, a collection whose beauty lies in both its performance and aesthetic. 

“Every colourway has the potential to be a hero element of a space, or product or project. It’s this versatility of the iQ Surface design that’s most appealing to a designer.  And it’s worth remembering that the collection as a whole is yours to play with, to go outside of these stories and not feel constrained by any particular grouping. iQ Surface is a family that really wants to live out a story together.” 

Charlotte Ackemar — Product Designer

Limitless landscapes of expressive colour

iQ Surface has colour curation as it’s driver. In a natural shift towards a more contemporary colour palette, five themes drawing on Note’s signature finesse tones and hues create distinctive colour families and surface techniques. Beige hues tie the new collection together as a whole, referenced either subtly or tonally or shot through as popping accents. 

The misty greens and teals of the “Dimmed” collection reference nature indirectly a great colour foundation to spring from, with a solid calm range of colours.  With its elegant and warm reds, and a youthful expression, the “Rouge” collection is soft, and playful, contrasting well with rougher materials like raw metal.  A play on monotone scales, the collection “Contrast” uses light and dark in equal measure with a depth that draws the eye. Any two or more colourways can be connected and no design feels monotone, thus enabling the easy combination of different designs across the collection. 

“During the curation of iQ Surface’s colours and groupings we’ve always had a central idea of these collections acting as a ‘skin’. A cladding that you can dress the whole room. It’s a material that deserves to fill a space, you can do so much with it. For us at Note, it shouldn’t just be about flooring.”

My Degerth, Note.

Sustainability lies at the heart of Tarkett’s design vision. Recently, Tarkett  developed an innovative recycling technical solution in Sweden enabling its torn out homogeneous vinyl floors* to be cleaned from glue and filler residues, and turned into raw materials of the same quality as vinyl made directly from virgin raw materials. This means that iQ Surface material installed today can be taken back and reused in the future. The individual vinyl granules of iQ Surface are made of material constructed from as much recycled and reclaimed granules as possible without compromising the colour integrity of each colourway. 

The result: a highly sustainable material with consistent aesthetic qualities, able to resist wear and tear over decades. Easy to renew or renovate using a simple dry-buffing technique, costly maintenance and downtime for drying is a thing of the past, making homogeneous vinyl the ideal go-to solution for designers and architects.