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As the conceptual title might imply, Stockholm based Note Design Studios work for Swedish company ATG, could have been an easy and smooth project, a walk in the park.

Note was commissioned by horse racing and betting company ATG to re-do an office floor consisting of 2000 sqm conventional office space, with fixed partitions and what have you, to an open landscape floor plan. At the time, ATG underwent major structural changes to their organisation. New business strategies were being launched with a proper manifesto, and they needed a new office layout to implement, and enhance, the new company structure and the communication in-between the four different departements residing on the floor.

  • Project facts
  • Client: ATG
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Year: 2014
  • Photograph: Jason Strong, Mathias Nero

A Walk In The Park became the simple solution to a complex problem. Note focused their effort onan ingenious and accessible floor plan, easily understandable by both staff and visitors, with inspiration coming from parkways and trails leading through a lush and dense forest. Wooden abstract tree-like structures became the bridge between the concept and the ATG brand, implemented in interior details like glazed partitions, sound absorbers and walls structures, giving each departement the right balance of openness and privacy. And in the heart of the floor plan lies the office café, where official meetings are being held, much like a tribes meeting, but also has the function of an area for communal gathering

Throughout ATG’s office you will find small areas for meetings with various levels of privacy. Park benches line the pathways, hide-away places for the important phone call, and sound proof rooms whenever maximum privacy is required. Thus, all needs are met for an open and engaging floor plan, with the benefits of communication and co-operation, and at the same time covering the employees needs for privacy and integrity while doing business. And while it might be a good idea for some new business to stay off the beaten track, you can always trust the pathway to guide you in the right direction and to stay safe, in a time of change.