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A limited edition collection of linen in cooperation between Växbo Lin and Note Design Studio.

Åkerlapp is inspired by the farming society´s habit to make do and mend. Note created an opportunity for the classic and premium quality Swedish linen producer Växbo Lin to reuse the second sorting in the  in the traditional linen manufacturing. Linen has a long history and has been cultivated around in many places in Sweden.

  • Project facts
  • Client: Växbo Lin
  • Location: Sweden
  • Year: 2014

In Hälsingland known for its flax crops, the oldest finds of flax from the 200 A.D. and was under 17-1800’s an important commodity. Växbo Lin is one of the few remaining linen producers in Sweden today who have their own production of high quality linen.

We had long yearned to work textile and tickled by the idea to put our stamp on the beautiful linen fabric. During the process we realized that we wanted to capture the richness of the designs and colors , and the meeting between them , and started looking at the possibilities of combining various woven pieces . The high quality in the traditional manufacturing process sorts out much of the woven linen to second grade . We have developed a method to take advantage of the nice parts of the sorted linen and merge it in new ways.

The result is a collection of traditional linen with an updated expression, inspired of the scenery of the billowing flax fields in Hälsingland. Alexis Holmqvist , Art Director at Note: “We wanted to use the beautiful flax and its history but give it an updated expression. Fine linen combined in new ways and come together in a somewhat rawer and more contemporary expression using coloured overlock seams to highlight the meeting of the various parts.” A collaboration between Växbo Lin and Note Design Studio. Packaged by Bookbinders Design. Presented by Designgalleriet.